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Gothenburg meets Manhattan

The cornerstone for Norda Bar & Grill’s philosophy is to take and combine the best of the two cities that have shaped us, the two cities we love – Gothenburg and New York. That which gives cities their character and flavor are often born of the street subcultures that are created and the people who call the city theirs. Capitalizing on the popular, historical and local heritage is not just having a sense of opening a large treasure chest, but it is also very much about showing respect for the culture and people, which is a matter of course for us. This is where Gothenburg meets Manhattan.

Norda Bar & Grill

At Norda Bar & Grill, we are inspired by the local street classics, we just serve them in our own, unique way – with quality ingredients, careful preparation and great love. That is why you will find both the “Half special” and “Mac and Cheese” here, sharing a menu with the best, sophisticated seafood and meat dishes. And how wonderful it is to sit in the historic, conservation-listed Post Hallen (Postal Hall) – with its fossil-blasted stone floor, stylishly contrasted by the modern Italian furniture adorning it and the trendy beats that flood through it. An exciting fusion is created that you can’t easily put words to. Norda Bar and Grill is simply a casual meeting place with really good food and exciting décor, without being fussy. So, will we see you there?

We warmly welcome you!

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Norda Bar & Grill