There is little less interesting for tourists than the typical hotel restaurant that is only there as a convenience to its hotel guests rather than a culinary and cultural experience. We know that when visiting a city, you want to experience its authenticity, its flavors, its inhabitants and its pulse. That’s why more and more tourists head into town in search of the restaurants that the locals themselves choose and enjoy.

In order to be successful, hotel restaurants must attract both locals and tourists, but this is much easier said than done. In Scandinavia, like most of the world, locals rarely go to a hotel to for a meal.

In order to break this trend, we, at Clarion Hotel Post, have asked renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson to create our food and beverage menus to match our high standards.

Marcus was born in Ethiopia and raised in a suburb of Gothenburg. It was here that he learned to cook, but his fantastic career as a world-celebrated chef began at New York’s famous Aquavit restaurant. Since then, he has won a number of prestigious awards, opened several restaurants, published cookbooks and appeared in television programs. He has also been given the honor of cooking at the White House and lecturing at the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering in Davos.